Name: Ms. Neetu Sahu

Region: Chhattisgarh

Occupation: General Duty Assistant 

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Neetu Sahu studied till the twelfth grade but could not pursue higher studies due to a grim financial situation at home. A few years later, she got married but with an unfinished aspiration of working as a nurse. However, unexpected developments and unforeseen circumstances drained her family’s financial resources, and Neetu was forced to look for a job. And thanks to Pratham Institute’s course in Healthcare, she could fulfil her wish of working in the healthcare industry. She spoke to us after her shift at the Medishine Hospital in Raipur, where she got placed this year. 

“My daughter fell ill, and the doctor diagnosed it as a kidney ailment. It was unexpected, and we had to spend a lot of money for her recovery. We also sold our ancestral land”, she says. As a result, the family needed more income and Neetu was forced to find work. And in February, while on her way to the Shadani Darbar temple, she saw Pratham’s healthcare centre. But by the time she decided to join the course, the national lockdown was declared, and she had to choose the online learning mode. 

“I was anxious! I did not know anything about the Zoom App”, she recalls. “But Pushpanjali Madam helped me a lot.” In the first level of the course, a student has to attend webinars to know about the healthcare domain in detail. However, this period coincided with a rapid rise of covid cases in Chhattisgarh. “It made my family members anxious and worried. They asked me to stop the course. However, Pushpanjali madam conducted a class with my family members and made them aware of the safety precautions”, she recalls fondly. It assured them, and Neetu continued learning and reached the next level. In the second level, she was introduced to concepts like patient care, bed making, temperature check, blood pressure and sugar-level check etc. Neetu got used to the Zoom App and began enjoying the online mode of learning. Her patience and continued efforts translated to an ‘on the job’ training at Medishine hospital. 

But these forty-five days at the hospital connected all dots, and after overcoming the initial anxiety, Neetu became used to the job. “Pushpanjali Madam helped me a lot in initial days. I had attended the webinars, but I took the time to adjust to the workplace. The staff at the hospital was also very cooperative”, she says. The HR team at Medishine hospital was impressed with Neetu’s dedication and perfection and offered her a permanent job. Neetu feels proud that she is part of an industry which is at the forefront of fighting the pandemic. She is confident that the pandemic will be brought under control and everything will be back to normal in 2021.