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India has struggled with approaching true gender parity in society, and the declining labor force participation rates are a clear indicator that the country has limited structures in place to level the playing field for women. The existing narrative in school textbooks and prescribed curriculum often exclude women as examples of success. There are traditional and often stereotypical assumptions about the role of women in society and this has resulted in a tendency to curb the imaginations of girls in India, deterring their aspirations.

The power of role models in influencing change is one that cannot be underestimated and young girls need women as role models, if they are to believe that they can overcome socio-cultural barriers. We believe that increasing the representation of women from diverse contexts, in decision making roles, is key to empowering more women. There needs to be focus towards creating more role models at the community level.

Women@Work aims to bring to light the inspiring stories of women from all walks of life, who have broken societal expectations and pursued their dreams. We hope to become a platform for these exemplary stories of women who have stepped out to work, and encourage more to build economically secure futures. Over the course of the year, this page will play host to thousands of stories, featuring women from across the country, engaging in different forms of work. Some may be beauticians, some may be electricians, others may be running their own enterprises, and, many may be engaged in the arts. Everybody is welcome on this platform.

Join us in our journey of telling the stories of these extraordinary women. If you know an interesting woman, whose story deserves to be in the spotlight, refer to the registration section on our homepage and share your story.